Stopped, Moving and Braking
Paperweight mode

The Center of Gravity (CG)
lies between the two points of
ground contact, so the wheel
is completely fixed.
Dead-weight added
Stationary With Driver

Still completely fixed.
Summoning up courage
Normal Driving Position -

The CG lies directly above
the single point of contact,
and below the axis of
rotation, so the driver
pendulums gently.
Eyes closed
Full Acceleration

The CG is in front of  the
single point of contact,
producing an accelerating
Did I leave the gas on?
Constant Speed

Enough torque is being
produced to overcome
What, you can't hear me coming?
Partial Braking

The CG is now behind the
contact point, producing a
braking torque.
I've got playa down my neck
Maximum Braking

All CG concerns are irrelevant
here, as the driving weight has
pushed the chassis to the
ground. With two points of
contact, any amount of braking
is possible, up to the point of
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Controlling the wheel is about controlling the Center of Gravity (CG) In
these simple schematics showing how it drives, the red dot is the rough
location of the CG.