We are amped!

EV's have a weight problem: the batteries. RIOT 3 actually uses that weight for something,
other than just pumping out amps. Check out the
Technical Section for details.
"Power is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac"

Yeah, well, if you look like Henry Kissinger, you might think that. But we do admit that power
comes in handy when it comes to setting speed records. A Kostov DC motor provides 200hp,
which sure sounds sweet to us. And you won't hear us coming - I hope Henry can't claim
What Where When How Why?

A measured mile in both directions within one hour. The desert, either Bonneville
or Black-Rock. ASAP. Determination. Because.

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A Window of Opportunity...

We all know that electric
vehicles (EV's) and hybrids
are slower than internal
combustion, right? Well,
right now, there's an
opportunity to change that.
The single-wheel record is
beatable, and (as far as
we can find out) this will be
the first time an EV has
held any
outright speed
record since 1899, over
100 years ago, and it may
be a hybrid, in which case
it absolutely will be a first.
The Fastest Single-Wheel Vehicle on Earth

Now don't get us wrong - we don't think it's a smart
thing to do either. But it's what we're doing anyway.