HELP!! No, really... HELP!
"Looking for a few good people..."
...for which read: "looking for a few weird people". 99% of this has been done by me
(Jake Lyall) - and I work for a living. If you think this could be an adventure with
possibilities, I need help from a very few trailblazers.

No-one in their right mind would have bought or built an airplane in 1904, but pretty
much everyone in their right mind wished they had. This time next year, there will be
around five people in the entire world riding RIOT Wheels. Could you be one of them?
NO Spectators!  Get Involved.
Either as a developer, angel-investor, owner-rider, or...? Let me know your ideas, what
you could do, how you would
like to be involved, and we'll make this happen.

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