While being shot by Monster Nation... (but filmed by a friend)
Alameda  (.mpeg 5mb)
...and shortly before I broke it. Now the sound is kinda
unimpressive, as is the speed. It actually went faster. But
apparently, my friend was watching, not filming. The break
was unimpressive. It just... er... broke.
A couple of short clips. Quality is not of the highest.
Testing... (.wmv 208k) patience. This was the second time the wheel ever
moved. Remember to brake, yes?

Tested... (.mpeg 331k) the desert sand. Shows accelerating after hard braking
to avoid enthusiastic yet suicidal (ie: typical BM) onlookers.
TechTV Segment about the RIOT Wheel (2/3 of the way down)
Lesson learned: never give a desert interview facing into the sun. The
movie link may be broken - let me know.
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